course descriptions

Find out more about each level of the G3 Course and decide where you would like to start.


Course 1

Introduction to the entrepreneurial journey.

You’ve probably envisioned yourself running your own business at some point. This course prepares you for the time, energy, mindset and vision necessary for success in a global market.

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Course 2

Identify markets and develop a strategy.

The next phase in your journey includes using your new vision and business goals to conduct research, reverse map your goals, and develop an actionable strategy to achieve those goals.

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Course 3

Launch and dominate in your international market.

This course gives you the specific, actionable tools to connect, create, and collaborate with contacts overseas. Get ready to pull the trigger and optimize your presence internationally!

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Girls Gone Global might be right for you if...

  • You own your own business
  • You want a flexible schedule
  • You feel financially stuck
  • You don't know how to take your business outside your geography
  • You're tired of chasing one-off sales and want to create a system